Golf overview

Indianola Country Club expanded to 18 holes in the Spring of 2003. The Club has been referred to as The Affordable Private Golf Club of Central Iowa. Since its expansion the Club has been proud host a number of Iowa PGA events along with numerous Iowa Golf Association events. The new nine, which are holes 2-10, were designed by Mark Kerr of Kerr Golf Design and built by Ardo Schmidt Construction under Kerr's direction. Although you have two nines built and designed many years apart the two nines transition together very well. It's almost as if you didn't have any idea one has been here since 1920 and the other opening 84 years later! The course offers four sets of tees to accommodate players of all skill levels.

Key Features of Indianola Country Club Golf
  • Full Time PGA Professional
  • Fully Stocked Pro Shop
  • Private and group lessons from PGA Member
  • Week long Junior Golf Camp from PGA Member
  • Men's and Women's Leagues
  • Couples Golf
  • Family Golf
  • Member golf tournaments
  • Private carts allowed with on-site storage
  • Practice facility which is included with every golf membership
  • No tee times

For questions regarding golf memberships please contact PGA Professional Jason Marvelli at 515-961-3303 or at



Black 607 - White 590 - Gold 570 - Red 374

A tough starting hole. A creek crosses the fairway about 270 yards from the member tee forcing long hitters to lay-up on the downhill tee shot. The second shot is usually played to about 150 yards to provide a flat lie for the uphill third shot. Par is a very good score on this opening hole.


Black 380 - White 360 - Gold 335 - Red 310

The tee shot on this dogleg right hole is played to a flat landing area with mounds on both sides of the fairway. The second shot is perhaps the most scenic on the course. It is played through a corridor of large oaks.


Black 560 - White 530 - Gold 465 - Red 435

This double dogleg par 5 plays across the creek 3 times from the back tee. The tee shot is hit over the creek in front of the tee and then must go to the left of 2 large oak trees on the right edge of the fairway. The creek crosses the fairway at over 300 yards from the tee and finally swings back across the fairway in front of the green. After a good drive, long hitters can gamble and go for the green but most golfers will play their second shot across the creek to a lay up area about 100 yards from the green. The shot to the green is guarded on the right by a large tree.


Black 187 - White 161 - Gold 133 - Red 110

This scenic par three plays down a creek bed to a green guarded by a bunker and trees on the right and the creek on the left.


Black 560 - White 530 - Gold 460 - Red 415

The fairway on this hole is carved into the hillside. After a good drive to the now flat landing area the 2nd shot is played through trees to a landing area above the green. The downhill third shot is played to a long narrow green framed by trees.


Black 360 - White 335 - Gold 295 - Red 255

The tee shot on this links like hole is played between oak trees to a wide, open landing area. The second shot is uphill to an elevated green.


Black 200 - White 175 - Gold 150 - Red 118

This downhill par three plays over the creek to a relatively large green.


Black 341 - White 330 - Gold 297 - Red 248

The tee shot on this par 4 is played to a relatively wide landing area in a valley. It is not without trouble however, as the creek is present on the left , and a tee shot too far to the right can be blocked by a large oak on the second shot. The second shot is played to a green guarded in front and on the right by the creek.


Black 200 - White 155 - Gold 135 - Red 120

This may be the best par 3 on the course. The relatively wide but shallow green is at an angle to the player. It is guarded in front by the creek and behind by a bunker. The green is framed by large mounds to the rear and several large oaks on the right. It is a beautiful and challenging hole.


Black 348 - White 340 - Gold 304 - Red 278

The creek used to cross the landing area about 230 yards from the tee, but this hole was made more playable by running the creek under the fairway in a culvert. The creek can still catch wayward shots on both the left and right sides of the over 40 yard wide landing area. The second shot is perhaps the most exacting on the course. The relatively small, 2-level green is guarded in front and on the back right by the creek.


Black 340 - White 325 - Gold 240 - Red 225

The tee shot on this uphill par 4 must be placed between a fairway trap on the right and trees and OB on the left. The small crowned green is tough to hold. The green slopes away on the front and left side providing some challenging pin positions.


Black 363 - White 350 - Gold 284 - Red 252

This hole is a straight away downhill par 4 that plays over a hill that crests about 100 yards from the green. The best position for the drive is on top of the hill leaving a downhill pitch to the green which falls away on the front and right side.


Black 564 - White 521 - Gold 502 - Red 432

A creek cuts diagonally across the fairway about 250 - 270 yards from the white tee. Most players try to place the downhill tee shot in a flat area about 20 yards short of the creek. The landing area for the second shot slopes sharply from right to left. The green is guarded by a trap on the left and a mound on the right.


Black 356 - White 350 - Gold 335 - Red 254

Called the "road hole" by some, the clubs entry road cuts across this uphill par 4 about 100 yards from the green. For all but the longest drivers, only the top of the pin can be seen on the second shot.


Black 348 - White 331 - Gold 311 - Red 297

This downhill par 4 is drivable by long hitters in downwind conditions. There is a fairway bunker on the right as well as a greenside bunker that fronts the right half of the green.


Black 120 - White 113 - Gold 113 - Red 105

The large green on this short par 3 over a pond is guarded by traps on both sides. The green slopes from back to front so stay below the hole on this green.


Black 330 - White 330 - Gold 315 - Red 274

The fairway on this slightly uphill par 4 bends gently from right to left. There are pine trees on both sides so a straight tee shot is a must.


Black 205 - White 178 - Gold 170 - Red 114

This downhill finishing par 3 hole is framed by large oaks on the right and a hill with pine trees on the left. The front of the green is relatively flat, but look out for the undulations on the back portion of the putting surface.
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